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If you're looking for something quirky or unique, here are plenty of suggestions. We've compiled a handy list of some of the best things to do for kids in Palm Springs, whether you have kids of your own or not. Scroll to the end of this article for a section that describes the seven best things we did at Nob Hill. Here is a list of our five most popular places in Central California for kids, and here are some good things for you

Among the lights of the festive attraction is a 1.60 metre Christmas tree, which will perform a choreographed light show. Enjoy a fictionalised retelling of the history of St. Francis of Assisi, visiting various historical buildings on the museum grounds.

The cable car that carries visitors across the desert floor is at the top of the list of activities Palm Springs must do. It seems to be one of the most unique activities in California and perhaps even in the world.

Against the imposing backdrop of the San Jacinto Mountains, the white Palm Springs sign juts out from among the flowering shrubs. This spring is the perfect place to take picturesque photos to remember your trip.

The cathedral was begun at the end of the 13th century by Arnolfo Cambio and the dome that dominates the outside was added in the 15th century by Filippo Brunelleschi. The greatest work of art in this cathedral are the magnificent frescoes by Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most famous artists in Italy. It was painted in 1579 by less talented students, but Vasari designed it. The Duomo of Florence dominates the city with a magnificent Renaissance dome designed by FPhilippo Borenzi, a master of Renaissance architecture and a significant contribution to the Renaissance.

When it comes to Palm Springs tourist attractions, the Cabazon Dinosaur Museum is one of the strangest. Here's one that's a bit far from Palm Desert, but worth mentioning because of its amazing dinosaur exhibits.

There is a large, light-flooded gallery where you can wander through a variety of different types of dinosaur fossils, as well as a huge collection of fossils from around the world.

If you take any time in the heart of downtown, you'll see the Walk of the Stars, which honors Palm Springs' most famous stars, including Elvis Presley and Sonny Bono. At Palm Desert Airport, a Sonny bust is under an escalator, and in front of his old second-floor house there is even a life-size statue of Elvis. The mosaic-tiled staircase with its decorated doves, dragonflies and hummingbirds is neat, but the life-size statues are more a nod to the city's past than anything else. When you see the places that Elvis and other celebrities visited back then, you will feel immersed in the history of Palm Beach.

Open 7-2 p.m. daily, and there's something worth seeing in the Bart's Lounge, but also in the surrounding area, such as the Palm Desert Museum of Art and the Palmdale Museum.

A real San Francisco treat, staying in one of the European-style rooms is a great way to enjoy a holiday in San Francisco. Whether you're here for a drink and a view or just for the beautiful views, if you're visiting Nob Hill, make sure you stop by this famous San Fran Bar. Stay at the Hotel de la Raza in the Mission District as it is a great way to explore all the activities in NobHill. Enjoy a taste of luxury living by spending a day in the San Franciscano neighborhood of Nob Hill.

Staying at the Golden Gate Hotel puts you in the thick of the action and allows you to rest and relax while exploring all the activities in Nob Hill.

Another way to visit the cathedral is to do so with a guide who will take you to specific areas and familiarize you with the details of the legends and curiosities in the cathedral. Visit the other monuments in Piazza del Duomo, climb the Duomo, the Bell Tower, the Baptistery and the Museum or buy a ticket for the only Grande Pass through the Museo del Duomo.

Read on to discover some of the quirkiest Palm Springs tourist attractions that are exploding your Instagram and a few activities outside the city limits that are worth a ride. Those who are really interested in quirky attractions will find even more joy if they dig hard enough.

The concert, hosted by the Southern California Philharmonic, includes duels with Nutcracker compositions and a special guest appearance by Santa Claus. Michael Andrew stars in the Holiday Extravaganza, and Broadway performer Sarah Uriarte Berry is in the symphony for the first time in her career.

Christmas attractions include an ice rink surrounding a 26-foot Christmas tree, Christmas lights, Christmas lights and more. On the winter solstice, the Hicks will decorate a coral path from the darkest day of the year. A large fireworks display will conclude the event and on the night of Christmas Eve to Christmas Day a firework display will be lit.

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